The Girl Behind the Blog

Welcome to Muse in the Mirror! My name is Michele; grab a coffee, stay a while.

I’m a 23-year-old native New Yorker currently working for a digital advertising agency. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts back in 2015, where I studied journalism and IT. My passion for writing, fashion, and photography has motivated me to start blogging.

This blog is more than just a fashion blog; I’m dedicating this space to all things I am inspired by. Whether it is art, nature, or people I meet along the way, I hope to bring a smile to your face.

For as long as I can remember, fashion has been my outlet. I value self-expression and use my clothing as a way to describe who I am. While I am confident today, I haven’t always been. I’ve spent years hating how I looked and would do anything possible to go unnoticed. While I may not be perfect, I have found the confidence to love myself again. I’m hoping that my journey helps inspire others to confidently love and express themselves.

When I’m not shopping, you can find me watching hockey (let’s go Rangers!), exploring, at the gym, or curled up in bed with a soft blanket and good book.

My style is ever-changing. I love experimenting with new looks and combining pieces that aren’t designed to fit together. While I may splurge from time to time (for that perfect piece), most of what I wear won’t break the bank. I’m a firm believer what makes an outfit unforgettable is how you wear it.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, and that I can get to know my readers on an intimate level. If you need to contact me, please message me on Instagram or email


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